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Daily maintenance of household washing machines

2017-09-09 22:19:04

First, the washing machine dehydration sound big reason

Check the washing clothes distribution is uniform Whether the washing machine in the dehydration, the inner tube hole and air high-speed contact, will produce micro-air vibration noise, generally belong to normal, but relatively large need to find the reason.

1, the washing machine is not stable

2, clothing placed unbalanced

3, the washing machine in the hook spring break

4, the washing machine shock hit the foam stent damage

5, if it is a drum washing machine, there may be damage to the roller bearing

6, the washing machine is fixed all the fixed bolts

7, check the bottom of the washing machine is flat

8, washing machine dehydration barrels caused by broken walls.

Second, the washing machine dehydration sound relatively large how to do

1, the washing machine should be placed more smoothly, vertical and horizontal ground. Need to be placed correctly.

2, and then is the bucket within the four boom unbalanced, spring elasticity is inconsistent, should be carefully adjusted. If the upper part of the bucket with a fixed band, then the fixed belt is too loose, spring elastic decline, which will lead to increased vibration in the glue when the. This need to manually adjust the hand.

3, the temporary emergency method is: the cover open, so that when the dehydration can not be automatically carried out, the alarm tone, then the bucket of clothing evenly placed in the bucket around, and then close the cover can be.

4, if it is hook spring break, shock damage foam stent damage, washing machine dehydration barrel damage, or drum washing machine bearing damage, need to replace the new, you can call a special maintenance personnel, to replace parts.

5, if the bottom angle of the washing machine is not balanced, you can also be dedicated to the adjustment.

Third, the washing machine faucet leakage causes and solutions

Faucet leakage of many reasons, once found that the phenomenon of water leakage, it should first check which parts of the problem, and replace the accessories can be.

The most common is caused by damage to the watertight tape of the tether part (fixing screw). In this case, simply use the clamp to remove the faucet and re-roll the new water-tight tape at the place where the screws are fixed.

If the faucet is tightened, or the reason for the leaking may be water leakage from the outlet, due to the wear of the shaft gasket inside the faucet. In this case, you can use the pliers to hold the gland and remove it, remove the axle washer with a clip, and replace it with a new shaft gasket.

Also may be the gland within the gland of the seal caused by the wear of the faucet tied to the lower part of the gap leakage. In this case, the screw can be loosened to remove the tie head, then remove the gland, and then remove the inside of the gland inside the triangular gasket, put on a new one can be.

In addition, loosening of the cap nut may also cause leakage at the joint joint, re-tighten the cap nut or replace the new U-type gasket.

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