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The maintenance and maintenance of the washing machine

2017-09-09 22:12:28

1, washing machine should be carefully read before using the product manual.

2, the laundry should be material, color, dirt and classification, batch washing.

3, before washing, we must first remove the debris inside the pocket to prevent nails, coins, hair cards and other hard objects into the laundry barrels.

4. Use two-stage grounding socket to ensure its reliable grounding.

5. A laundry volume shall not exceed the prescribed amount of washing machine, the water shall not be lower than the off-line mark.

6. Do not put in the bathroom and other wet or may be the place to rain, so as not to electric shock.

7. Do not touch the dewatering drums that are rotating, even if the bucket is running slowly.

8. Washing machine cover can not stack heavy objects.

9. Laundry is completed, to close the faucet, so as not to cause excessive water pressure burst.

10. After washing 2-3 times, please clean the filter, remove the foreign matter with water.

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